The weirder copy that didn’t make the cut.
I’ll let it go when I let it go. 

Let's be part of something bigger, blah, blah, blah.

At [Healthcare Provider], we don't operate like we used to
Except when it comes to our values. Those are unchanging.

Everyone who needs care, gets care— 
underdogs, overachievers, new parents, old pros, 
gym rats, jazzercisers, the fortunate and the vulnerable. 
All are welcome.

You push the limits. We reset the limbs.
You inspire athletes. We rehabilitate them.
You revolutionize business. We revolutionize care.
You’re creative. We’re ... really good with data.

It takes a village. Er, moderately sized recreational community.
40% more people on the roads we have right now? What the
Better bus lines—for when your paddle board is in the shop.
Rapid growth is a challenge for any city—just ask Portland.
Not here to reinvent the wheel. Just the infrastructure.

Nah to traffic and potholes.
The slow-down we're here for.

Expert advice, lower costs and real results.
Just what the pharmacist ordered.

Go from "Oh 💩" to "Piece of 🍰" with [IT Software].

Our freight carriers go the extra mile—but you know, not past the destination.
We sweat the details. And wear extra-strength antiperspirant.
We have a backup plan for our backup plan.
We're here for you, 24/7—even on Taco Tuesday.

Our teamwork makes the '98 Bulls look like the '97 Bulls.

[Freight Carrier] wakes up on the right side of the truck bed.
[Freight Carrier] never “gets stuck in traffic.”
[Freight Carrier] isn't "circling for parking."

Like the old saying: walk softly and carry a big insurance policy, etc.

The job search is over. Well, almost.
Think of us as your job-search sherpa.
More jobs than you can shake a résumé at.
Leave the clicking and scrolling and refreshing to us
New jobs posted every day, even Boxing Day.

A potpourri of festive emojis for your inbox
O Come All Ye VIPs
The password is "bathtub gin." We’re kidding, maybe.

Our tent floors are designed for comfort. We know—we had some burly dudes road-test them and said dudes reported a solid night’s sleep.

Make your New Beers Resolution to stop by and enjoy a pint. You know, for the children.

A building with heart. And a bar. *glug, glug, glug*

Lawyers can be creative, too.
The contract is our canvas. Arbitration is our paintbrush.
This is getting off track and not drawing legitimate parallels.

We practice full transparency in our communication and billing,
and in having an Instagram that our parents don’t understand.

We humanize the practice of law through friendly legal support,
zero jargon, and weird gifs.

Sure, we send emails with exclamation points and weird gifs,
but there's also solid legal counsel in there.

Just a couple of lawyers with their hearts on their sleeves.
Teach a client to fish and not take shit from the IRS.

We do our shit differently and here’s some shit you can buy.

We changed our name—because who needs all those vowels?

Why be gray
when you can be heyyy 💁?

#1 dad in the game.
Just be thankful he's not Lavar Ball.

Dad just got easier to shop for.
Dad, the family hype man. 
Dad, the real 🐐.
Dad, your glue guy.
He wore them first. 

Dad WOD. Give [HIIT Shoe] this Father's Day.
Dad is intense. Give [HIIT Shoe] this Father's Day.
Tough love. Give [HIIT Shoe] this Father's Day.

Hot flash: Mother's Day is May 13.
It's knit, fam. Give [Trademarked Knit Sneaker] this Mother's Day.
Treat herself this Mother's Day.

Who run this mother? Mom.
Mom runs everything.

No one can fill her shoes. 

Mom, the family playmaker.
Mom, the extra miler.
Mom FTW.

What do you get the mom who wins everything?
The perfect gift? Don't sweat it.

More like Air-conic. Shop [Ubiquitous Sportswear Brand] Air.

Do you even lift, bra?
Endorphins are forever.

Luxe is in the Air. 👟💐
Feel the luxe.
TRENDING: Male-lennial Pink
✌️Winter 👋 Spring

Summer just dropped. You're gonna need some tees and shorts.

💀 ⚰️ 🥀